Why is the QR code for the Switchvox Softphone application for iPhones not visible in my extension

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If you are using Switchvox version 5.10 and you would like to use a QR code icon to configure your iPhone for the Switchvox Softphone application, you need first to create a SIP extension for your iPhone by completing the following steps:

  1. Log into the Switchvox \admin web interface.
  2. Go to Setup-Manage-Create Extension and create the extension.
  3. Then go to Setup-Digium Phones and click the Softphones tab.
  4. Then click the Quick-Create Assignments button.
  5. Enter your extension number in the Extension box, or click on the magnifying glass icon to display the unassigned extensions, and highlight your extension. Click Select. Your extension and email address populate the extension and email address boxes.
  6. Click the blue Save All Assignments button on the bottom of the page.
Now when you sign into your extension web page, the QR code icon will be visible in the upper right hand corner by the Switchboard icon. Click the QR code icon to display a large image of the QR code, which you can scan with your iPhone to finish configuring your iPhone as a Switchvox Softphone.