Updating to Switchvox 6.5.2

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This article describes the issues resolved in Switchvox version 6.5.2 (87751). Previous version is, and next version is See also: Known Issues.

This version requires version 6.3.6 (84996). Please review the important information in this article Updating to Switchvox 6.4 if you have Digium Phones attached to Switchvox.

Issues Resolved

  • Third-party devices (such as a SIP door phone) no longer drop calls when the device cannot accept a SIP UPDATE message. Switchvox now sends INVITE to a device that does not allow UPDATE.
  • Queue calls that are assigned to a specific member, while the member is on pause and the caller is receiving a queue announcement, will now correctly ring the member when the member becomes available.
  • Correction for the permissions to Manage Admins. Sub-admin accounts requiring Read/Write access to Manage Admins will need to have permission granted again by primary Admin account following the update.
  • Modifying a phone-user Ring All action in Call Rules now correctly displays the external numbers that will ring.
  • A logging setting that could create excessive logs is turned down. (Larger log files will be rotated away and deleted, so this will not be an ongoing issue.)
  • Digium Phone Firmware 1.4.6 for the D80.

NOTE:  This article describes version 6.5.2 (87751). Previous version is, and next version is