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This article describes the issues resolved in Switchvox version (87422). See also: Known Issues.

This version requires version 6.3.6 (84996). Please see the important information in the article Updating to Switchvox 6.4 if you have Digium Phones attached to Switchvox.

Changes to Presence and Switchboard Chat

The Presence and Chat features have been changed to improve server performance.

For users, there is a slight change in the display of Contacts in the Switchboard: a green circle now indicates that a Switchvox Contact has a Switchboard open and therefore is available to chat in the Switchboard. (In previous versions, this indicator was orange. A grey icon still indicates that the contact cannot chat.)

green indicator
Grey indicator
Note: A Switchvox contact might have a green icon for text-chat but a grey icon for video-chat. That indicates the contact can't use WebRTC for a video-chat.

Jabber Chat Access: Switchvox’s Jabber-based chat is only available in the Switchboard, not an external chat client. Related to that, the XMPP Client service is removed from Access Control Rules.  

Issues Resolved

  • Incoming DID Routes now use the correct callback extension for a PRI Channel Group span other than Span 1.
  • A queue call that is forwarded to another queue via the Phone-User Call Rules Forward action no longer hangs without audio. However, we do not recommend that you use Call Rules to Forward a queue call anywhere, and it is possible that future versions of Switchvox will not allow that scenario.
  • A beep now plays on the receiver’s phone when an intercom to that phone is initiated from a Switchboard Contact (the alert-info header "Direct-Intercom" is used).
  • A custom sound now plays correctly for the Pickup Announcement in a queue (Queue Member Settings) when a language sound pack is in use.
  • Backups can now exclude or include Digium Phone idle screens.
  • Calls in the Switchboard Queue Calls Waiting widget are correctly displayed in the top position when 'Move to top' is used. This was a visual issue, the caller was actually next in line for a queue member.
  • Calls received from a queue, then assisted-transferred into another queue, no longer fail, where they used to under specific circumstances.
  • More than two Peered Switchvoxes that are not all peered to each other now sync properly even when using each other's Extension Groups in the Internal Directory.
  • Queue members making an outgoing call over PRI are now considered busy when the call is ringing the other other party, not just when the other party has answered and the member is on an active call.
  • SIP extensions are now correctly available in the Directory extension (411) in specific configuration circumstances.
  • The Password Reset tool no longer displays an error when the new password provided is 8 characters (the new 8-character password could be saved, but the error displayed erroneously), and the tool now correctly stores passwords that contain the "#" symbol.
  • Security updates.
  • Digium Phone Firmware and 1.4.2 (D80).

NOTE:  This article describes version (87422). Previous version is 6.4.2, later version is 6.5.2.