Updating to Switchvox 6.3.5

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This article describes the issues resolved in Switchvox version 6.3.5 (84192). See also: Known Issues.
Version 6.3.5 requires version 6.3.3 (82427).

Enhancements & Issues Resolved

  • The Callback Extension for a SIP Provider can now be modified from Setup > Incoming Calls > DID Routes, on the Default route for the provider (it can also still be modified from the SIP Provider's page).
  • A Parking Space status indicator can now be added to a rapid dial list the same way that it used to be added.
  • Digium Phone firmware version is available for the new D80.
  • Digium Phone firmware version is available for the DX series:
    • If multicast has been turned off, the listener is now removed so that multicast is no longer functional.
    • Password entry screens now use the PasswordInput type field, which hides passwords as they are entered.
    • A timing issue was fixed that could cause a D65 to restart several times. It manifested mainly on a D65 when the contact list was very small (less than 12). 
    • D65s now have a Rapid Dial Page Timeout, so that the rapid dial page will revert back to page 0 after the timeout. 
NOTE:  This article describes version 6.3.5 (84192). Previous version is, later version is 6.3.6.