How to correct the date and time on a Polycom phone?

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This article explains how to correct the problem with some or all Polycom phones not being able to access the correct date and time.

For Phones configured using a Feature Pack

Do all phones configured using a feature pack have this problem?  If so,
  • Go to Setup → Phones  → Phone Feature Packs
  • Modify Phone Setup Options 
  • Check NTP Options
  • You can specify an Network Time Protocol Server to set the time on your Switchvox-configured phones.
  • If you have a custom NTP Server, you can try removing this to see if it will work better using the Swithvox's NTP settings.  
  • Save. Restart the phone. 
Is the problem happening for just one Polycom phone configured using a feature pack?
Try reconfiguring the phone
  1. First Unconfigure the phones. Go to Setup → Phones  → Phone Feature Packs
    • Go to the Configured Phones tab
    • Place a check next to the mac address of the problem phone
    • Unconfigure Checked Phone
    • The phone should reboot.  If it does not, go ahead and manually reboot the phone
  2. Then reset the phones to factory settings
    •  Menu → Settings→ Advance→ Enter Password (456) → Admin Settings → Reset to Default→Reset Device Settings 
    • The phone will reboot. Then repeat the process but this time reset the local config.
    • Menu → Settings → Advance →Enter Password (456)→ Admin Settings → Reset to Default →Reset Local Config... 
    • The phone will reboot. After it reboots reconfigure. 
  3. Reconfigure the phone
  • To reconfigure 
  • Find the phone in the Unknown tab. Check the mac address and confirm. It should reboot. 
  • After it reboots. Wait for it to come back up saying NEW. Map the phone to an extension. Check and confirm. It will reboot. 
  • It should have the correct time after it reboots. If it does not follow the next steps below and manually add the NTP settings by accessing the web interface of the phone.

For Polycom phones manually configured
  • Point your browser to the IP address of the phone
  • Login to the phone's web interface.  
  • username: Polycom
  • password: 456
  • Go to General →Time 
  • Set NTP server 
  • Submit
  • Wait a few seconds for your phone to configure and restart