How do Switchvox Subscriptions Change on August 1 2017?

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Users & Subscriptions Information

Use the Subscriptions Wizard to find out how these changes specifically affect you, and what products are necessary and optional for your Switchvox Registration Code.


As of August 1, 2017 (08/01/17):

  • Platinum is the only support level offered for new systems.
  • Silver is End Of Life. Silver systems can move to Gold by purchasing the appropriate renewals, to extend the service date and to backfill.
  • +Virtual is End Of Life. All +Virtual customers will be converted to Platinum Customers (or Titanium if the registration code is already Titanium).
  • Gold is a Legacy support level. Legacy Gold customers can renew at Gold level but new systems can not be activated as Gold.
  • Gold is the only support level that requires maintenance. Platinum doesn’t require maintenance when activating renewals.
  • Any existing activation code that was purchased before 08/01/17 is still valid and can be activated.

End of Life

  • All Silver subscriptions and renewals:
    • Silver customers who want to extend service must renew at another support level, which may require purchasing upgrades.
    • Any remaining years of support after 08/01/17 will remain valid and will be supported under the terms of the Silver Subscription agreement.
  • All +Virtual subscriptions and renewals:
    • All +Virtual customers will be converted to the normal Platinum support-level on 08/01/17 (unless the registration code is already Titanium), and +Virtual is removed as a designator.
    • Customers do not need to take any action to transition, this will happen automatically.
  • Gold Subscriptions
    • As of 08/01/17 Gold is a legacy support level and is no longer available for new customers.
    • Existing Gold customers can still renew with Maintenance, and a Gold Subscription Renewal for each user.
  • All Upgrade SKUs (S2G, S2T, S2P, G2P, T2P). Please see the Upgrades section.
  • All multi-pack SKUs for Subscription, Renewal, and Upgrade (5, 25, 100 packs). 
    • All remaining per-user SKUs have a unit value of 1 and can be ordered in the desired quantity. Any activation code created during an order will carry the value of the quantity for that particular SKU, and can be applied to one Registration Code.


  • All upgrades to Platinum use a single "Upgrade to Platinum" SKU.
  • All other transitions (S2G, S2T, G2T, or P2T) only require a Renewal for each user at the new support level. The system will automatically transition to that support level when the renewals are activated.
  • There is no upgrade path from Titanium to Gold, Gold is only for legacy customers.


  • Maintenance is now included with Platinum and Titanium Subscriptions. Maintenance does not need to be purchased separately with Platinum or Titanium.
  • Gold renewal still requires the purchase of Maintenance for each year of support.

Adding an extension to a Legacy System

  • Use SKU 1SWXOOSS1U to add an additional phone extension to a ‘Legacy’ Silver or Gold system.
  • Renewals to match a multi-year service date are not required when you add to your User count, but are included in the renewal count the next time you extend your service date.

Users & Subscriptions Q & A

Did I read that right, no more +Virtual subscriptions for new customers or renewals?

Yes, that’s true.

Where are the subscription packs of 5, 25 and 100?  How do I order renewals now for 120 users?

There are no longer any multi-user products. Simply order the 1-user product you need with a correct quantity. You will receive one activation code with the correct quantity, and can apply that activation code to one Registration Code.

What if I have an old-style activation code that I haven’t applied yet? For example a ‘5 pack’ of Platinum Subscriptions?

Products and activation codes purchased before August 1, 2017 in the old price model can still be applied to a Registration Code after August 1, 2017.

Can I still renew Silver Subscriptions with Silver Renewals and Maintenance?

No. Beginning on August 1 2017, you must upgrade to another support level to renew, or the Silver Subscriptions will expire on their end-date. 

Do I have to upgrade Silver Subscriptions right now, even if my Subscriptions haven’t expired?

No, you don’t have to. You will continue to receive Silver-level support until your expiration date.  

As a Silver customer how do I get my free upgrade to Gold?

Simply purchase at least 1 year of Gold renewals and maintenance and your system will be upgraded to Gold for Free.

Can I still renew Gold Subscriptions with Gold Renewals and Maintenance?

Yes, Gold renewals and maintenance legacy products can be purchased at the time of this writing. 

Will Gold Subscriptions, Renewals, and Maintenance be deprecated at any point?

There is no plan to do so at this time, however, Digium continually evaluates our product offerings as we look to offer our customers the best value. 

Did I read this right, there is only one part number now required to renew Subscriptions?

True, you just need a quantity of the 1-, 2-, or 4-year Renewal product. You will receive one activation code for those Renewal Subscriptions, to apply to one Registration Code. There are no longer products for software maintenance or multi-user renewals.

New Appliances Q & A

What is the new E-series of appliances?

The E510, E520, E530, and E540.

What Switchvox version is required for the new E-series appliances?

Switchvox version is required for the E-series appliances. If you are replacing existing hardware with a new appliance and, please see How to Replace a Switchvox Appliance and Software.

When I install a new E-series appliance, will I have to run an update to the latest version?

It’s likely that your new E-series appliance will have an older version than is currently available (we release bug-fixes and new features on a regular basis), and you should always make sure you are updated to the latest version when you install Switchvox for the first time. At the time of this writing, the appliances are shipped with version 6.4 (85476).

Do the new E-series appliances ship with a Switchvox Registration Code? Or will I get an email with the purchase of the Switchvox Software?

The E-series appliances ship with Switchvox installed, but without a Registration Code. The Registration Code is a separate product, and instructions for downloading an ISO or OVA are emailed to the address in the shipping information. That email is sent as soon as the order is processed and shipping.

Will Switchvox continue to run on older appliances? And will Digium telephony cards still work in older appliances with new versions of Switchvox?

Yes. You can continue to use your older Switchvox appliance with its supported Digium telephony cards and newer versions of the Switchvox software. 

What type of AC power adapter comes with the new E-series appliances?  If I am installing in AU or UK, will I have to buy a separate AC adapter?

The E510 ships with a power adapter for NA/UK/EU/AU. The other E-series appliances ship with a power cable for NA, and international power-cables can be purchased with separate SKUs for UK, EU, or AU.

Do the Digium phones still work on the new appliances? And phones from other manufacturers (such as Polycom)?


Is there a new comparison for the E-series appliances, showing the maximum number of users, and the maximum concurrent activities for calls, conference participants, and recordings?

Yes, the performance numbers are different on the new E-series appliances. The E-series appliances have a maximum number of phones and concurrent calls. If there are conference calls going on, each participant is considered one of the concurrent calls. If you need to record a large percentage of calls (~40%), you might consider purchasing a larger appliance than you would have based on phones or concurrent calls (or the E540 over the E530).

Can you extend the warranty on a new E-series appliance?

Yes. The E-series appliances come with a 1-year warranty, and there are 3- and 5-year extended warranty products for each new E-series appliance.

Will the Digium telephony cards be plug-and-play in the new E-series appliances?

The E-series appliances are VOIP only; digital (PRI, BRI) and analog telephony cards cannot be used. We recommend you use a Digium Gateway to connect to a legacy digital or analog phone line as a SIP Provider for Switchvox. Please contact your Digium Representative if you need more information about using gateways with Switchvox.

Do I have to buy a Digium Gateway to connect to Switchvox?

No, Switchvox can be used with Digium's SIP Trunking, or any SIP Provider. You do not have to use legacy digital or analog phone lines.

How do I found out more about iDRAC (Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller) on the E530 and E540?

Visit the iDRAC User's Guide.

If I buy an appliance today, but move to VMware later on, will I need to buy any new products then?

No, +Virtual subscriptions are no longer required for Switchvox on VMware. To move Switchvox from an appliance to VMware, please see Can I use Switchvox in a Virtualized Environment.