Polycom Phone Provisioning Guide

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Here are the instructions for provisioning your Polycom phone using the Switchvox Phone Setup Tool (Phone Feature packs):

Before starting, make sure the phone is listed in the 'Unknown Phones' section (Setup > Phone Feature Packs > Unknown Phones) and that you are using the eth0 port in Server > IP Configuration.
You will also want to make sure that the phones are on the same local subnet as the Switchvox server.  
If you cannot find the phone's MAC address under 'Unknown Phones' or the phone is on a different subnet or a remote phone, then you can proceed to the instructions at the bottom to get the Switchvox to "see" the phone.

1a. Reboot the phone to defaults by going to Menu > Settings > Advanced > PW: 456 > Admin Settings > Reset to Defaults > Reset local Config. This will reboot the phone.
1b. When the phone is back up, we next want to reset the 'device settings'. Go back to Menu > Settings > Advanced > PW: 456 > Admin Settings > Reset to Defaults > Reset Device Settings. This will reboot the phone again.

2. When the phone finishes and completely boots up again, check the radio box next to the phone MAC address you wish to configure in the 'Unknown Phone' section of the 'Phone Feature Packs' and click the blue 'Confirm Checked Phones' button at the top of the page. This should automatically reboot the phone and start the formatting process.  If not you will want to manually reboot the phone either through the phone menu or by unplugging the phone.  

It is important that you allow ample time at this step for the phone to pull all of the necessary firmware.  This process can take
up to 10 minutes and several reboots.  Patience is a virtue here.

3. Once the phone has come back up to a static screen which shows the 'Digium/Switchvox' logo and the word 'NEW' next to the Line 1 on the phone, you have successfully completed the first step. Next, you will want to find the phone MAC address in the 'Unconfigured Phones' section of the 'Phone Setup Tool' Once you have found the phone MAC address, click on the 'modify' button and enter in the extension you wish to configure to this phone, then click 'save'. This should auto-populate the extension info (First name, last name, etc). Check mark the radio box again next to the phone MAC address and click the blue 'Confirm Checked Phones'. This will initiate another reboot on the phone. If the phone does not manually reboot, the phone will either need to be rebooted through the phone menu options or unplug the phones power. The phone MAC address now should be listed under the 'Configured Phones' section. This last step will configure the phone w/ the proper extension, register the phone w/ the Switchvox, and populate the contact directory with the extensions in the phonebook for that particular extension.

CONGRATULATIONS!  You have now successfully provisioned your phone w/ the new Switchvox Phone Setup Tool.

If the previous method did not work and/or the phones your are provisioning are not on the same local network as the Switchvox try this:

1. Follow steps 1a and 1b from above again.
2. After the phone finishes booting up. Go to Menu > Settings > Advanced (Password is 456) > Admin Settings > Network Configuration > DHCP menu > Set the 'Boot Server' to "static". Now back out one menu and select the 'Server Menu' field. On the next page, set the 'Server Type' to 'HTTP'. Set the 'Server Address' to 'IP.of.the.PBX/pc' (NOTE** The server address field is case sensitive e.g.
2a. If the phone is remote connecting over a WAN, the 'Server Address' will be the WAN IP of the Switchvoxs network /pc (e.g.
3. Save your settings and reboot the phone.
4. When the phone finishes and completely boots up again,. you should be able to find the phone in the 'Unknown Phones' or the 'Unconfigured Section' of the Switchvox 'Phone Feature Packs'. Follow
step 2 or 3 (depending on where you found the phone MAC) at the top of this page to finish configuring the phone.