How to use the X-Lite Softphone with Switchvox

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Using the X-Lite Softphone with Switchvox

Download X-Lite from

  1. Install X-Lite per its instructions
  2. Start X-Lite
  3. Click Options (the left-most icon of the 3 at the top of interface)
    The Options dialog box is displayed.
  4. Click SIP Account Settings...
  5. Click Add button
  6. In the Account tab, setup the following:
    1. Account Name:  Enter the name you want for this account. e.g. "John Doe".
    2. User ID:  Enter the Switchvox extension.
    3. Domain:  Enter the Switchvox IP address.  If you are a remote user, be sure to use the External IP address for Switchvox
    4. Password:  Enter the phone password that was set under Phone Settings >Common Settings section of the Switchvox extension.
    5. Display Name:  Enter the name you want to display on the softphone.
    6. Authorization Name:  Enter the Switchvox extension.  
    7. Leave all other settings as their default.

  7. Click Apply.
  8. Close the SIP Accounts box.

Give it a minute or two to register with Switchvox, and you'll be ready to make calls.

If you are registering to a Switchvox Demo server, you can

  • dial other extensions on the demo server
  • dial outside numbers by dialing a 9 first, and then the number